Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where's My Christmas Spirit?

My sister was pretty funny in response to that complaint, Dusie said, "Did you look under the couch?...Maybe that third cat took it."

I got it back momentarily at Trader Joe's, where Peaches and I stopped after lunch at the Indian restaurant. I bought a marked down wreath, which I attempted to wear on my head like St. Lucia, only to have it fall down onto my shoulders like a Christmas Clown ruff. Peaches did not witness this. If she had, I think she would have found it at least as funny as the gorilla in the banana section, the holiday decorations, and the flying Super Cow hanging from the ceiling. We had to leave the restaurant due to crankiness and restlessness, letting Mama and Daddy have a few moments alone over chai and rice pudding.

I got some holiday favorites, the pear cinnamon cider and a box of Peppermint Joe-Joes. There were some people who filled 2 carts with the Christmas star cookies and Joe-Joes. There are so many delicious cookies in the world, why would you go nuts like that?

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