Monday, January 03, 2011

Stories I Liked

An article on the crowd of resellers who circumvent the rules to buy merchandise at Nordstrom's Last Chance. I've been to the store a few times; it's good to know that there's a reason I wasn't impressed. Still, I smell tv series potential! Or murder mystery plot.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor is totally bleeding heart and empathic, all. Ha ha. And as aggressive as Scalia. I totally want to go to a Supreme Court session on vacation now.

From the files of "Really, you don't say?" people who switch careers don't make as much as they did in their former field. Seriously, this is news?

Texting and IM are preferred by the young. Yes, but they all have smartphones. When work blocks Facebook and Twitter and outside IM, then you'll email.

Boredom enthusiasts bore me, because they are really just boring hipsters. But seriously, a high capacity for real boredom is valuable and a bit dangerous. It's also becoming a rare quality.

Professor Mortis suggests a movie for each day of the year. The Thin Man is exactly the right choice for New Year.

The story of the woman who has been living off the grid in York, PA for 17 years and raising her kids as prisoners is creepy fascinating for me. There was a similar story of hidden children in Vandalia, OH about 10 years ago, and I always wanted to know what happened to them.

A calendar featuring cats wearing fashion. I won't pay $50, but they are adorable.

Are you a poor-aholic? Considering that I always keep working at Dunkin' Donuts or the like in mind as what will happen to me as my next job, I will say, yes, I am a poor-aholic. But I think this is a common issue for women, this tendency to assume that it's not skills but luck that keep us solvent.


Genevieve said...

OMG the cats! The first looks like Byron (or Pokey) in a suit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link...I wish all of my selections were as easy (or as perfect) as The Thin Man-hope you'll stick around and check out the rest of them!