Sunday, January 02, 2011

How NOT To Describe Yourself In A Dating Profile, Part 1

I'm just browsing by the way, but an actual full blown attempt at dating is on the list of projects for this year.

Descriptors that have hit me lately as just wrong:

"Mildly intelligent"--Really? Because I don't want to date someone with either false modesty or who isn't that bright. And if you're trying to sell yourself, why do it in such a lackluster fashion? When I write my profile, I'm warning them straight up that I'm a Mensa smart girl. I once came across a profile that said he wanted a smart girl, but not a Nobel prize or Mensa smart girl.

"Indifferent" (but also described self as "driven")--This was a display of muddled thinking, but helpful. Someone who describes himself with these two terms is giving you a big clue that he's either not good with the concept of contradiction, has a poor vocabulary, or he's already setting you up from day one that he's had to impress and not really interested in dating. More likely interested in having a woman throw herself at him constantly while he acts bored.

Now if he had used "diffident", meaning reserved or lacking confidence, I would give him a chance.

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