Sunday, February 06, 2011

Beauty Product Roundup

Okay friends, it is the dark of winter when a little pampering and an investment in new lipstick goes a long way to brighten one's mood. Here's some items I have been grateful for lately:

One Body Butter--My mom turned me onto this last summer as a cure for calloused feet. It also proved an overnight cure for the dry and scaly legs. It's warm here in Phoenix, but that doesn't mean there's any humidity in the air at all. We are so flakey. Downside: it is scented. Upside: available at Target for $10.

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller--My entire life I have wandered around looking like Raccoon Girl, with dark circles so bad it seems like I was socked in the eye. I have the triple curse of pale, thin skin, allergies, and insomnia. I was using the pricey Benefit EyeCon which was a good eye moisturizer but did nothing for my dark circles. But this stuff! It's concealer that blends with my skin! And it contains caffiene, which supposedly shrinks blood vessels. Whatever, concealer that I don't have to blend with foundation is a blessing. Available at Target--Mine was on sale for $10.

Benefit Eye Bright--This is a neat light pink pencil that you apply to the inner and/or outer eye to brighten the whites and draw the eye upwards. You can do the same thing with that white eyeliner you keep around for Mod vs. Rocker fashion fights, but this is a little less noticeable and easier to blend. Downside: Spensy at $20. BUT WILL LAST FOREVER.

Duwop Private Red lipstick--Confession: I have always yearned for the guts to make red lipstick my signature look, but always felt it was too bright, too eye-catching, and like I was picking the wrong color. But when I saw that this lipstick has a special formulation that turns into your perfect color, I felt how could I go wrong? And it is fabulous--the red enhances my freckles, which makes my cheekbones stand out, and contrasts with my eyes and makes them extra emerald-sparkly. Available at Sephora, but expensive and a little old lady cosmetic stinky. BUT WILL LAST FOREVER. Picture to follow.

So yes, winter is the season for spending on your appearance. Go get a pedicure or manicure, take a bath and slather, don't buy clothes because you are carbo-loading, dye your hair, do something beauty related that makes you feel better.


Cookbook said...

Thanks for the reviews! I picked up Benefit's Benetint today and have some things to say about it. ;)

Anne (in Reno) said...

I am so tempted by the eye stuff and the red lippie - I always have big circles under my eyes and am too lazy to do anything about them. Also, red lipstick is awesome. And I might need a treat.

Thanks for the tips!