Monday, February 07, 2011

Bye-Bye, Bittman!

So Mark Bittman has given up his NYTimes column, "The Minimalist." He has instead taken up lecturing us all on food policy on the OpEd pages. Sigh. On the one hand that's good, because it limits my access to recipes ( I suffer from recipe overload). On the other, it's such a waste because he's just hammering the same old big agriculture BAD points that is the craze these days. Honestly, his posts on the food blog about eating vegan before 6pm would probably do more to help change the world if adopted more widely.

Cookbook suggested we have a Minimalist Tribute Cookoff in his honor. Here's my contribution, his recipe for PBJ Sandwich Cookies. I first had this kind of cookie at the late Sweet Pea Bakery--I have a love-hate relationship with peanut butter and don't usually eat peanut butter cookies, but this is so good. Especially with an iced vanilla latte from the Royal Coffee Bar. And so cute!


Anne (in Reno) said...

Mmm, looks good to me, I love a PB&J. They may have sustained me through most of junior high.

I am a little disappointed in the shift away from recipes though, I keep meaning to buy his cookbook. Would you recommend it or should I stick with the interwebs?

Kerry said...

It's a great resource if you need a book with definitive recipes. For instance, I used his recipe for pizza dough this weekend and it was great, much better than the one I found from Cooking Light online. I have the 2000 edition, and I like his themes and variations approach to cooking.

Anne (in Reno) said...

It may well go on my list, thanks for the tip!