Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lemonpolooza 2011

It's on, babies. My coworker with the lemon tree has gifted me with that sweet-selling bounty yet again. What do you suggest I make? Limoncello? I still haven't finished the last batch. Lemon jelly? Lemon-rosemary simple syrup? Lemon mousse? Lemon pudding?

What are your favorite uses for lemons?


Cookbook said...


Lemon ricotta pancakes.

Lemon preserves?

Genevieve said...

Are you bringing an extra suitcase filled with lemons?

Anne (in Reno) said...

Oh god I am in the same boat and I don't really even like lemons that much. I am almost done with the giant grapefruits and trying not to get snippy about Matt eating the oranges, but there is a big ol' pile of lemons. And all my cooking gear is packed.

Can I mail you mine too?