Sunday, February 13, 2011

No, There Is Nothing Going On In My Life

We are in a bit of a dull here these days. It is about to be supplanted by a spell of "OMG, WORK HARDER" at the place that gives me a paycheck every two weeks, plus the trip to Durham and the getting readys, my e-course with the paper French dude, and some other projects. Maybe I will start posting pictures with no words.

Last night I babysat for Peaches. She had had a long nap, and so was in an extra cheerful mood. She was getting over a week in which she was sick, cracked her head open and got stung by a bee. Poor Dusie! She was very grateful for a night out. I was very grateful for some time with my baby, even though I had to change her four times in less than 3 hours due to diaper fiascos. She was sweet.

Dusie is so silly. It is like she doesn't know that I would gladly give her a night out with Jesse X every weekend if only they would come and get me. Or bring the baby to me and hit restaurants in my neighborhood. Because aside from peeing on her aunt, the baby knows lots of things:

Ring around the rosy
How to say "Thanks" and "Down"
How to sign "bath," "eat," and "no"
How to make messes
How to pet
Dance party

We could have lots of fun just in my apartment with the exploring and doing.

Today I had dinner with the Lemon Lady, who brought more lemons. She is on disability from work due to real, mysterious, health issues. Brain lesions. We had boneless leg of lamb, salad, sauteed asparagus, and strawberries with whipped cream. I asked her to bring one of her dogs to let the cats have some excitement. They were cool with it. They really wanted the lamb.

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