Saturday, March 05, 2011

Books In Bars: Roosevelt Tavern

Because I like to go out and drink sometimes, but have no one to go with, I give you a new series: Books In Bars! Because some bars are not great for the reading.

I am not sure why I keep going back to the Roosevelt Tavern to read. True, I almost always grab the comfy armchair in the front room by the window. However, the place is entirely lit with tealights. No, really. So when I go I am reading by the light coming through the windows, and since the Roosevelt opens at 5pm that means in winter there's little light. Plus, they don't do mixed drinks--the menu is beer, wine, and three soft drinks.

Okay, I know why I go back there. The menu.

Unfortunately, they don't have a website, only a Twitter account. But they have great food--a tomato soup and grilled cheese combo that leaves you stuffed. A big handmade pretzel.* The "Holy Moses", a roast beef and cheese sandwich on toast served with griddled onions. $3 pasta dish every Thursday night.

The people watching is good too.

So, despite the fact that this bar fills non of my needs, I keep returning. Am I a sucker? Maybe. But dinner for less than $10 on a Thursday night is nothing to sneeze at. Neither is a happy hour that runs until 7pm.

*I am on Satan's Own Psychiatric Medicine (TM), which causes intense carb cravings. And my cravings have taken the particular form of soft pretzels. I LOVE THEM. I am in search of the perfect one, and the Roosevelt's come close. It just needs to be a touch more buttery.

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