Sunday, March 06, 2011

Links I Recommend

Aldra writes about living without a car in LA. A great piece, and I've had similar experiences here in Phoenix.

Whitney Smith's etsy shop has gorgeous pottery. I love the ones shaped like pomegranates and the nesting bowls. Such beautiful botanical details.

Suzuki Beane is a short novel written by Sandra Scoppettone and illustrated by Louise Fitzhugh . Beatnik craziness for young readers. To die for.

George Orwell's rules for making a perfect cup of tea.

A neat twist on art fraud--fakes are being given to museums.

Trader Vic's is having this dinner on March 20th, and I'm so tempted to go. 4 courses, 4 drinks and $50.

No more pierogis in Pittsburgh as the farm to table movement takes hold.

Why cricket isn't popular in America. I'm part of the problem; haven't gone to Chandler in order to spy on the cricket players.

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