Monday, March 07, 2011

In Which I Throw Up My Hands And Admit I'm A Neat Freak

Well, maybe not a total neat freak, but something close. See, after at great weekend in NC with Genevieve and her family, I was totally out of sorts for a week. I just couldn't get myself together to clean the cat barf up off the floor, to do laundry, make dinner, do my ecourse. Next time I leave town I have to remember to plan it so I have some time on the other end to get resettled.

I think what the squalor of the last week drove home to me was that I really need to get my living room and kitchen into some sort of neat and organized shape. Oh, and buy more underpants. Usually I think that people who obsess about decor and their style are just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic of their dysfunction, but the quality of the home has been wearing on me. It makes it harder to concentrate and get things done. Off to buy a futon mattress and a bookcase. Pictures to follow.

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