Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Other News...

This weekend was boring, but I will tell you about it anyway as it is my blog and what other source material is there? I cleaned the apartment. The vacuum scares the cats, and my carpets are a filthy mess of vomit and poop spots that I treat with cleaner. Oh kittens. On the plus side they are now all box trained.

I took Willa to the vet yesterday for an exam and to also see why she continually shakes her head until you can hear her ears rattle. $170 later she is vaccinated and free of ear mites, however I cannot tell whether the look in her eyes is marvel from how much she now hears or sadness that the voices in her head are gone.

This weekend I made healthy carrot cake muffins for breakfast this week. They'd be even better with a bit of butter on top, but one has to cut corners somewhere in the interests of weight loss. I also made my famous vegan potato salad, so I have lunches for all this week.

In fashion news, I am lusting after the Cascade Dots Dress from Ann Taylor, but in the interest of fiscal prudence am wondering if I can carry off the cowl neck on the Pretty Parisian Dress from Down East Basics. Opinions?


Cookbook said...

I love the polka dot dress. I think you could pull a cowl off. Why not?

Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

What does it take to pull off a cowl neck? I think they're really flattering.

And the idea that Willa is lonely without the voices in her head makes me oddly sad.

Kerry said...

My hesitation about the cowl is that big boobs+double chin means there's just too much going on in too little space, turning into a horizontal nightmare.

Willa was so freaked out by the vet and then my vacuuming that she hid under the bed all day and didn't come out for dinner.

Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

Aah, I feel the same way about strapless dresses across my already-wide upper body. You have a very fair point.

There is a 30% off Ann Taylor coupon floating around the interwebs if you look on places like Retailmenot, maybe that will help you decide ;)