Saturday, May 07, 2011

I Bought Dresses

I've fallen into a work clothing rut recently. Except for meetings, we have been allowed daily business casual since the Legislature has left town last month. I have a variety of casual skirts but felt like I could get something more flattering and professional looking. So I did some online shopping.

This dress in dusty coral looks like a day dress or a date dress.

This looks professional enough to wear to an update meeting with the Department this summer.

And this is on backorder until August, but it is one of my great colors and cheap.

I went the plus size route because frankly, I was suspicious of that Due East Basics dress.


Anonymous said...

I'm currently on the hunt for work appropriate dresses. Which basically makes me want to stab myself or have a sex change.

Kerry said...

eemusings! Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, dressing for work is hard. I'm lucky that we are casual in the summer.