Sunday, May 08, 2011

Online Dating Misogyny

So I got a message from someone, who just wrote "cute." I checked out his profile, to find that while he's got a decent grasp of grammar, he's got some things going on that make me uncomfortable. Like his "old-fashioned, Midwestern values" which means he kind of smothers women at best or shows signs of being an abuser at worst. He doesn't describe what he wants in a partner as an individual, just as "women" and he likes to send them many texts during the day to make them smile, little notes for them to find--behavior that I would find overbearing and crazy-making anyway. I got a strong feeling this is not a guy who thinks of women as individuals with preferences.

Later on he messages me and takes me to task for apparently not liking him.

I reply that I don't respond to messages with no content (general policy) and that I didn't like how he views women and the way he treats them.

He wrote back:

"Honestly, you should responds back to anyone who writes you because your fat."

I love it when I am proved correct.


Genevieve said...

Wow. That guy's a winner.

Anne At Large said...

Too bad they can't screen for doucheholiness.

Cookbook said...

His reply made me LOL. I'm guessing that he was actually no real prize in the looks department. They never are when they are that awful.