Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stories I Liked

The NYTimes had a great article this week on how children of hoarders cope. The comments on the article are great. I listened to an interview The Bat Segundo Show did with Jessie Sholl; she's amaxing in how she's come to terms with her mom.

A writer claims gaming helped make him more social. However, he leaves out any details about the concrete social skills this activity helped him master, and does admit that these relationships don't provide him with intimacy, which is what he does want.

Next Saturday, the world is going to end. The couple who have planned out their funds so that they have nothing after that day are incredibly nuts.

The kids in this piece on how not having a college degree hurts your job prospects are not the best example of the this issues as a lot of their problems also stem from credit card debt, too many houses, and other complicating issues that distract from the supposed main part of the story.

And of course, natural disasters lead to people sending crap to "help." Interested in why Americans can't properly identify and dispose of trash, and instead give it away inappropriately? Waste And Want: A Social History of Trash is a great discussion of the phenomena.

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