Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Benefit Cosmetics Reviews: High Beam and Stay Put Set

So you're wondering what I thought of High Beam? I find it...interesting. Anne had though it might make one look greasy, and I can say that it does not. But there is definitely a tint to it, that pearly luminescence that it is supposed to impart to your complexion. I tried it out and then went out in my mom's car, and totally saw it on my cheekbones in the late afternoon sun, which in Phoenix reveals every hag hair, pore and incipient zit. So my next attempt at wearing it on cheekbones will occur under some foundation or at least powder to blend it in better and tone it down.

I also purchased the Stay Put Set, which was only $10, the right price for a small set like this.

It has converted me to the necessity of eyeshadow primer. I rub my eyes a lot and consequently rub off my eyeshadow. The Stay, Don't Stray! keeps that stuff glued to your lids no matter what. Erase Paste is an okay concealer--it's concealer, what else is there to say? It tones down the dark circles. R.S.V.P. is a nice rosy brown shade of shadow. All of this is applied or smudged with fingers by the way.

So what I have been doing it putting on the primer and some concealer and the eyeshadow, using a touch of Eye Bright, and then adding the High Beam under my eyebrows. A little mascara and I'm out the door. I even got a compliment on it.

I still have one more Benefit set to try out, the Big Beautiful Eyes set, which was my last purchase for the summer as taking care of the cats depleted my bank account. However, trying that out will have to wait for the next time I need a pick me up, or at least for a time when I didn't drink 2 lattes in less than an hour. Pep, I has it. Also maybe a heart attack--my hands are so jittery I can barely type. Thank god for spellcheck.

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