Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Busy, Busy

Holy crap, I just realized that I've had something going on every night since Friday.

So Dusie and I went to the Gainey Ranch Resort and Spa for this really great event. We had each paid $125 for this Arizona SpaGirls event--what happens is that that money goes to a good cause, and you get a party with free swag and refreshments and beauty treatments, and then you also get a spa treatment WITH gratuity included. It is really a holy cow good deal. Dusie likes to go to spas; I am more indifferent, but I love my sister and know this is the sort of sisterly thing she likes to do. Plus I got Moroccan oil hair treatments, and a small size Hope In A Jar (Philosophy is a local company) and a full-size cleansing milk and exfoliating powder. Dude! Swag! I love swag!

We are going to the spa on Friday. I am going to lay by the mineral pool after my massage and hopefully not get burnt. And In preparation I will shave my legs like a real lady and get my eyebrows done so I don't look so unkempt. It's a really pretty property.

Saturday was Scooter 202 at Vespa Chandler. Scooters are way cheap, yo. And scooter people are really nice. So there was a presentation on group riding by the place that can teach you to ride. and then we got walk-throughs on maintenance and helmet fitting and it was very educational. I sat on 2 Vespas but did not purchase one. ($650 down! Under $200 per month! But I am sensible and would save up and not finance.) Then I hung out with the baby, who I had not seen in 3! WHOLE! WEEKS! She has more hair and has mastered a cheerful "No!" that she uses but does not abuse.

Sunday was pretty quiet. Cain woke me up at 2:30 am though, and I couldn't fall back to sleep so I did my laundry and returned the car and SUFFERED the rest of the day. Dusie, my mom and I met up and went to Tempe Marketplace, and then my mom and I went to see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt play together at the Mesa Arts Center. Yup, that's that show I was tempted by but didn't want to shell out for. She is such a nice mom. We realized that the last show my mom has apparently been to was a hellish Phish show in Massachusetts when Dusie was 15 or 16. I think she liked this a little more, but she doesn't like music really. The patter between them was pretty scripted, but Lyle Lovett's wit is so dry, a martini wishes it were Lyle Lovett.

Monday was The Lazy Arse's Book Club and it was really good. We meet again in 2 weeks to finish the book. There will be a review, because you should all read it.

Tonight I did not go to the other book club, because I got into work late and so had to work late and go to Target, and I'm tired, dang it. And I did not reread The Great Gatsby but I will go next month. But honestly, who hasn't read that book by age 21? And if you haven't, should you really consider yourself a well-educated adult?

Tra la la la la!

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