Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Ambitious Or Slacker?

There's a personal finance blogger I read who was recently struggling with her boyfriend's lack of ambition. I feel for her, as I myself had the unambitious boyfriend in the past, a man who has never stretched himself beyond his gaming hobby. However, as I read her post and responses, I started to consider--am I not ambitious?

I mean, I did go back for a graduate degree after being in the workforce for 5 years, a plan designed at the time to make my life better and open up more professional opportunities (ha ha hah ha ha!) Okay, that did work as I wouldn't have my current job without a Master's. But I'm not primarily motivated by money or prestige.

But what I have been ambitious about the last couple years is my mental health, I think. I can't afford to keep having cyclical bouts of depression, and a low baseline mood really does hurt me in many ways. And I've not accepted the idea that things couldn't get better for me, that I couldn't be a happier and better adjusted person. So I'm hoping that the work I've put in and my improved mood will lead to better career opportunities, and other ripples throughout my life.


modest-goddess said...

RE: the link you posted
It has been my experience that guys tend to exaggerate or out right lie about their career ambition when they find out you have more formal education than them.

I don't have much respect for people who continually talk about what they want to do but make no effort to accomplish it. A former coworker of mine hates his job and the town he lives in but has not applied to work anywhere else!

I grew up working class. My MLS and the fact that I moved out of state makes my family think I am a very ambitious career woman. Yet most people who grew up middle class think I am a loser for only being a librarian and not a doctor/lawyer/engineer.
I'm pretty happy with where I am right now. After 3 years of paying dues in the middle of no where I am back enjoying city life. I'm working to pay off my debts and make a decent living for a single person with no kids. My father died a few months ago but I'm working hard not to let it slide me back into depression.

Kerry said...

modest-goddess, I am sorry to hear about your dad. Please take care of yourself. And I am glad to hear you are back in the city.

I think a totally legitimate question to anyone can be "Is that a dream with a plan behind it, or is it just a dream?" And you can ask that with curiosity, no judgement the first time it comes up.