Thursday, June 09, 2011

Links I Like (And A Chance To Cheer Someone Up)

Blogger Kaaty Dunnet writes about minimalism, dating, and her search for a new career Which are all things I am doing at the moment myself.

Speaking of minimalism, this piece has tips on approaching decluttering as a Zen meditation exercise.

This blogger's mom has cancer. Bad Stage 4 cancer. She's asking people to send her mom postcards, and mom's been loving it. So why don't you pick one up for her?


lauralynne said...

A lot of your posts recently have coincided with what's been floating around in my brain. Right now minimalism is on my mind--I'll probably never really be a minimalist, but I find it really helpful to try to think like one as I go through my currently rather epic house cleaning/decluttering frenzy.

Kerry said...

I don't think I'd be a minimalist in terms of owning nothing either, but some of what I'm reading indicates it can be a lot more flexible than that and it's really just a judicious attention to priorities and a willingness to jettison things you don't find fulfilling. There's three areas where my consumerism runs rampant--clothes, makeup and books, and I don't think I'll ever be completely pared down in those areas, although I'll also never be a style blogger type.