Saturday, June 11, 2011

Randomized Stories and Links

This piece on the dangers of Zipcar is ridiculous. I know from first hand experience (my accident when I broke my arm ) that most people are underinsured. However, $300,000 is more than the minimum in many states, and most people only carry the minimum. Which is silly, because to step up to the next level is literally a pittance.

However, Zipcar did screw up my weekend. I booked a car from Saturday to Sunday am, and they had double-booked the car with another member. The solutions they offered did not work with what I had planned, so I took my 2 hours of driving credit and went home. Luckily my mom was looking for something to do, so we took a ton of stuff to Goodwill and went to lunch. But stil, it was very disappointing.

The Literary Gift Company has lots of fun pretties.

This NY Times Vows column has so much subtle snark going on, I give the marriage 3 years.

Let's Go Ride A Bike takes on the Mary Poppins Effect--are drivers nicer to feminine, dressy women on bikes as opposed to ones who look like serious cyclists?

Apparently not so in NY. A Dutch woman claims a cop threatened her with a ticket for the entirely legal activity of biking in a skirt. Apprarently her legs were a distraction to drivers. Holy Taliban, Margaret Atwood!

Life size photos of whales. These creep the beezesus out of me, you know.

The idea of kids as a safety net for your old age, and what do you do when you don't have any. Okay, so truthfully aging without children does scare me a bit. I don't think Peaches and her siblings (knock wood she has some) will be enough to help take care of the lot of us. This is one of the reasons I hope to die fairly young.

A reflection on being part of the last generation to grow up without constant technology. This is related to a post I will have up later this week.

An opinion piece that once Amazon rules library lending it's all over for e-publishing. It's a pursuasive viewpoint.

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