Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures In Summer Cooking

I admit it, between work and summer and things in general I have been a bit down. And I have been completely out of inspiration on things to eat.

But yesterday I finally got my ass in gear and made a shopping list based off my 9,000 stray recipes box. So hopefully some of these ideas will work out.

Tomato mozzarella basil salad--This is today's lunch
Chicken apple sausage burgers--This is a recipe I've made before, liked enough to keep, but not enough to make again. So let's give it another shot before we toss it.
Zucchini fritters, with applesauce and sour cream--Thanks to Anne for the inspiration for this.
Cheddar corn pancakes--Another blog I read mentioned cornmeal pancakes, and then I saw this old Gourmet recipe I'd clipped.
Bourbon cherries--Hey, when cherries are $2/pound a little experimentation is a must. I'm not going out and buying brandy when I've got plenty of bourbon in the house.

I also went on a little expedition to Fleur de Teas up 16th St & Bethany Home Road to use up a Groupon I'd bought. It is such a nice little store, and Holly was totally awesome to talk to and get a recommendation for product. Their selection of black tea is much better than it looks on their site, which she admits is a work in progress. They will have another Groupon at the end of July, so if I have any local tea drinking readers...

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