Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot N' Sweaty Summer--Food Edition

I feel terrible for everyone in more humid climates who is putting up with scorching heat. Here there is a/c everywhere at least. And the low humidity here in AZ keeps it comfortable. I keep it at about 78-80 in my apartment. And my crappy apartment's a/c is free, which is helpful when I have to do something like re-season my cast iron skillet and bake it in a 200 degree oven all night.

So, I've been experimenting. The chicken apple sausage sucked, but I have perfected my iced tea recipe. I also have been enjoying my Iced Coffee French Press, and saving the money with that. It's probably zucchini fritter night tonight, and I have to start cleaning out my fridge, as I have a delivery from The Fruit Guys coming on Monday. Don't ask--it involves a Groupon and low-impulse control. I am using up all the groupon-type things I have purchased.

Perfect Iced Tea

5 Lipton tea bags
Juice of 1 lemon
3/4 cup sugar
5 cups water

Make tea in a pitcher. Add sugar and lemon. Stir. It will be perfect, I promise.

I also bought these cute cucumbers at the downtown farmer's market today--the round one is a Hungarian variety and the white one is called Dragon's Egg. Any favorite cuke uses?


Anne At Large said...

Those cukes are so photogenic! I love a nice batch of tzatziki in the summertime, and Matt is a big cucumber salad fan. Have fun on fritter night! If you have a blender, toss in some mayo, a couple roasted red bell peppers, and a clove of garlic. I swear it is the best accompaniment to fritters that I have ever discovered. Matt likes a shot of Tapatio to top it off, but I think it is enough with that nice garlic burn.

Jeff Rivera said...

This makes me think of eating it raw and putting some mayo. It is so nutritious to eat.