Saturday, July 02, 2011


A few days ago, I had that ominous tight skin feeling on my nose. You know what I mean, that feeling when you have an incipient zit but can't see any evidence of something you can pick at and fix. So of course I couldn't stop touching and picking at it, and now I have a scraped nose. And it won't stop bleeding! So it's the most awesome beauty defect ever!

I am tired of the suburbs. It is very hard living someone else's life. Dogs make me feel more guilty than the cats do, as if we should be engaged in more activities. With the cats I can at least tell myself it's dangerous to let them outside. Dogs need walking, and even more belly rubs, and it's like having a toddler who doesn't really talk.

Speaking of toddlers who don't talk, I called my sister this week at lunch when she and Peaches were at the grocery store, and I heard Peaches singing. It was darling. She does not talk much to me or my mother, but my sister claims she is a chatterbox.

I went out for Indian lunch today, and had the most wonderful carrot and potato dish. You could taste the freshness of the carrots as if they were dug out of the field that morning.

Hell's bells, it was 118 degrees today.

Dunkin' Donuts has gall to charge $1.89 for a lousy muffin. And I am a dope for buying one.

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