Thursday, July 07, 2011

What I've Been Up To: The Gustatorial Edition

Work has started to sap my brain once again. I have done some cooking for relaxation.

For instance, I made this Cherry Limeade. Quite delicious, although I might cut down the sugar a little next time and make extry and leave out the club soda/seltzer. A warning: do not mix with half a bitty airplane bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin. You may fall asleep on the futon for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon, even though said futon is covered with crap. Gin is dangerous, little chickens! Why do you think it's so good for drugging babies? Babies love gin! And creamed herring.

Obviously I don't get to babysit much.

I also made these Sloppy Joes With Corn. I used Trader Joe's Roasted Corn, and added extra spice and tomato paste. Toast the buns, as it helps keep the sandwich together. Delicious. So much better than the sickly sweet sloppy joe mix from the can. Plus, vegetables, you know.

Also, I need to let you know that peer pressure is dangerous. Not only does it have me contemplating plunking down a ton for a CSA that will not be as good as Cookbook's, but based on all that interweb chatter of the last month on OMG! Iced Coffee! I took some of my dogsitting cash and bought a French Press Iced Coffee Maker. Yes, I know that there's tons of cheaper ways to make such a beverage. But I need a way that does it with less mess and taking up less fridge space, and does not require cheesecloth. Crackers kittens, it's not like I clean the fridge much ever anyway. Plus, it pays for itself within 10 drinks from Starbucks. I just need a recommendation for good iced coffee beans--Folgers is not cutting it.


Cookbook said...

Oooh, sloppy Joes. Will have to try those.

I would like to know what kind of beans people prefer for iced coffee, too. I have tried a light roast and a medium roast and they both turned out fairly bad, in my opinion, although it's very possible I didn't add enough milk for my liking. French press in general always seems rather strong to me.

Genevieve said...

What we've found matters more than the roast or variety of bean is the freshness of the coffee. There's a huge difference in taste when we buy beans from a local coffee shop than when we buy the same beans out of one of those bins at the grocery store where they sat for a while. That place in downtown Phoenix would be great I'm sure.

The other recommendation I have is adding chicory. You get less acid and caffeine and it adds enough sweetness that I don't even have to add sugar anymore. My ratio is 5oz coffee, 3oz chicory steeped overnight in 5 cups of cold water.

Also, milk is important. I use a ratio like it's an espresso drink - about 1/4 of the cup is coffee and the rest is milk.

We do cold brew and strain it, but more often than not I forget to get cheesecloth, so we just do several layers of paper towels in a funnel and that seems to work.