Friday, July 08, 2011

What I've Been Up To: The Sartorial Edition

First off, feel free to weigh in on what I am currently stalking--Talbot's tiger print pleated skirt.

So what I like to put on eye makeup in the evening when I am stressed out by work. Yes, I realize that is a little odd. But it's kind of meditative, putting on eye makeup. I am practicing cat's eyes eyeliner, a look that will never play at the office. I currently really like this specially priced summer palette, Stunning in Sayulita Yes, I did buy some makeup after saying I wouldn't because of the cost of the kittens. But it makes me look so healthy!

I also bought 3 pair sandals and a pair of sneakers. I may have to face up to the fact that my feet are actually wide and not normal width. I bought a pair of sandals in W, and wore them yesterday with no blisters. Hmmm. You mean that breaking in shoes is not supposed to be an arduous process in which you scab up your feet.

I also bought some cheap clothing from Old Navy and hate myself for it. It really is flimsy fast fashion. Two cotton cardigans and a tunic are handwash only because the fabric is so thin that the washing machine would destroy it. The clothes themselves are nicely designed though.

So, what have you all been doing to make yourselves prettier?


Cookbook said...

I want to hate that skirt but I don't. I think it is because it is a pretty subtle animal print. When I clicked the link I was expecting something orange and hideous. Go for it!

Old Navy is the worst. =(

I have been relatively out of the loop on prettification lately although I did place a Sephora order last night with a gift card Hen gave me for my birthday. So I'll probably write that stuff up. Nothing fascinating -- more Dr. Feelgood, some perfume and dry shampoo, which I am very curious about. I'm saving up for a Clarisonic Mia because lately I've been obsessed with the size of my pores and having clean skin!

Anne At Large said...

I think the skirt is great! That is very tactful for animal print. I also have completely given up on Old Navy as the stuff I talk myself into because it's a deal never really is.

Congrats on discovering you are a wide foot, it will make shoe shopping even suckier but odds are way better of you finding shoes that actually fit now! I rarely buy anything other than wide shoes and I always regret it when I don't.

I have been doing mostly nothing to make myself prettier. I went for a jog yesterday, but that mostly turned me red.

Also, I have to apologize for not giving you feedback on the dating profile, normally I am a good editor but you are a way better writer than I am. I think the only suggestion I would have made is the last couple sentences seem a little bit dismissive, I know people who are into video games and they are still interesting, well-rounded people. But you may have past experience on that front that justifies those two sentences ;)

Kerry said...

Anne, that's it exactly. Well-rounded with one or 2, not all life encompassing geek hobbies? We could make a go. All geek? It's not going to work out. We just wouldn't like the same things, and frankly I'd have a hard time respecting someone like that.

I have a bad, weird history with geeks. I'm not really one, but I went to a super geek college, and stayed with a gamer for far too long.