Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whoo Hooo!

Yes, that is a whoop of sheer joy. Both the projects I have been working on are at the agency, and I have it easy for a while. Whoo hoo! This is after I worked both days last weekend.

What shall I do with myself? There is happy hour tomorrow night. But Saturday and Sunday are free. I saw my baby last weekend. She says "Kitty cat!" "Hawaii" and "Haru" now. And we read a really great book that sneaks a pooping giraffe picture into the mix when it gets too serious. She laughed and laughed. It was the best part of my week.

I have also discovered that the cherries at Costco are totally awesome, and purchased 6 pounds this week. 3 have been eaten already.

So any other suggestions? Other than that I am going to apply for jobs, read, bake that damn cherry cornmeal cake again, and clean. And rearrange my bedroom.

Oh my god, I might have an adventure!


Anne At Large said...

I am rooting for the adventure, but first, I must know the name of this pooping giraffe book of which you speak!

Hope you have fun!

Kerry said...

it is an illustration in Isabel Minhos Martin's When I Was Born. It's a great read, and the illustrations spark a deep desire to go to Ikea.