Sunday, August 14, 2011

How I Spent My Relaxation Weekend

Oh my goodness.

It's like my blood pressure is normal or something. Or I had a bad massage--I'm not so relaxed that it's like I had a good massage, but a bad massage is better than no massage.

I only worked a half day on Friday. Then I went to Happy Hour at Applebee's with The Crimson Conquest and a new friend. Did you know that they serve their sangria in a size called "Mucho?" Granted, half of it is ice and garnishes, but two of those and a appetizer plus tip is $14. And while I wasn't so intoxicated that I made impulse purchases over at the Target.

Saturday, Dusie picked me up with a sleeping Peaches. She had put on her kitty socks in order to visit with Cain, who is the patient and less cranky and afraid cat who doesn't mind a little girl petting him. So we went out for Vietanamese food at Cyclo, which Peaches woke up for so she could have tofu and share my beef noodle soup. Then we went to their house to wait for Baba to come over.

Peaches showed me her newest toy. It is a little electronic reader int he shape of Violet the dog who you scan over some little books and it does interactive talking in different voices, makes noise, and tells you to pick out different things in the picture. Dusie said, "Do you hate that toy?" Yes, I kind of do, but maybe some of it was the Thomas the Tank Engine.

Then we went to my house, where my mom and Dusie read while Peaches petted Cain and then we read Catch That Baby! three times in a row and ate cherries. Peaches liked that book because she is also a baby who likes to run around naked.

Then I cleaned up my closet. Today I ran errands and cleaned other things. Blah blah. But a clean house makes me happy.

As for an adventure, I might next week go to Ikea. On the bus. I need hangers and a new shoe holder thing.

And this is the most boring but satisfying and relaxing weekend I've had in a long time.

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Cookbook said...

I love a good weekend like this. Sounds nice. ;)