Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Which I Regret I'm Not Entrepreneurial

So what I should have been doing yesterday morning was standing outside Target by 7am to get in for Missoni!Fest. Their website crashed, and customers ran through the stores scooping up anything with stripes to run home and list on eBay by 9 am. There is a Target less than 1,000 steps from my front door.* Even I am a bit disappointed in my lack of verve and willingness to push and beat up my fellow consumers for ugly limited edition items. The trouble is I thought it was all ugly and matched nothing in my house. Plus, I know that I did not inherit The Eye. Dusie has The Eye--that's why she's an antiques dealer and I am not. She can buy items knowing what she can resell, how quickly and for how much. For me, it is the equivalent of just giving the casino my $20 and not even playing the slots.

*My iPod has a pedometer. I know the exact number of steps to and from a variety of locations in my 'hood. Library and back? 3500. To old workplace? 1200. Target, once around the perimeter and back? 2800.

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