Sunday, September 04, 2011

Links I Like

It's prickly pear season here in Arizona. You can pick them off tons of cactus planted as foliage and along medians. However, getting your gleanings off the plants is pretty hard work, as well as turning them into a usable ingredient.

Burning Man is a business.

TEAM Arizona is the motorcycle school where I will take lessons before I get my scooter. Aren't you all relieved that I will get proper training and won't kill myself off the bat?

Manicures! From Jezebel and The Beauty Department, 1930's style half-moon manicures and how to get them. I love these and am so tempted, but my nailpolish collection does not currently have any colors that would look good together.

Cal State professor runs a meth ring. The godawful facial hair was the tipoff.

Gravenstein apples are threatened in Sonoma County, as grapes are a more profitable crop. Sad, but part of the cycle of farming.

Why summer vacations and the internet make you more productive. I have an urge to send this anonymously to the management at my soon-to-be-former place of employment.

A great discussion on the issues farmers and etsy sellers face in setting the retail and wholesale prices for their goods.

Arizona sneaks around Roe v Wade to limit abortion by making it so only doctors can perform abortions. Sigh. I'm not surprised.

Head's up hikers, it's really hot in Arizona. Take extra water. But what are the ethical considerations of sharing your water with other hikers?

And in honor of Labor Day, did you hear about the Hershey's factory foreign student workers protesting their working conditions?

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