Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rules For Unemployment

Since my previous bouts of unemployment have been marked by paralysis and not getting shit done, I developed a list of rules to follow this time along. In no particular order, they are:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for job hunting. Tuesday and Thursday are for household chores and visiting.

This is because I know that unless I have a particular time to turn to cleaning off my balcony, sort papers, do laundry, etc., I will do that and procrastinate on writing cover letters.

Also, my sister will want me to come over and hang out, and she and Peaches are the best distractions.

You will read 1 book per week.

My reading of items with covers has been sparse. Face it, unless I make it a priority all I read is the internet.

You are banned from Target after September 9th.

I'm not a crazy Target shopper, but it is a source of Coke, frozen lasagna, expensive watermelon, and other junk food. I don't need that.

You will wear work clothes Monday, Wednesday, Friday--ironed. And makeup.

Because being dressed up and looking nice gives one confidence. Plus, I love my work clothes.

Sleeping is from 9-5 (pm to am)

Yes, I go to bed at 9pm.

There is daily am yoga, 2 cups of coffee only, and oatmeal for breakfast.

From the Crimson Conquest: "Gah! Is this bootcamp or something?"

The bike is to be used for transport whenever possible.

The Crimson Conquest said, "So that will start in October...?" since it's so hot outside, but I have faith it will cool down soon.

You have Freedom installed--use it.

Freedom is a program for Macs that cuts off your internet and makes you do other things. In case one spends too much time clicking on Twitter and Facebook...

No Netflix until after 6 pm.

This is during the week--it's a little strict for weekends too.

That 20 yoga class Groupon that expires in November? Use it.

It's a way to get out of the house and exercise.

Sit at your desk.

As opposed to laying on the bed, or lounging on the futon. Discipline!

Don't lose touch with people.

I am making plans to go to Happy Hour with Winter and the Crimson Conquest on a regular basis. And the Cupcake Love-in with the Huntress.


As suggested by my therapist.

No Coke!

Well, we have to have a reward other than a paycheck and benefits.

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Cookbook said...

Those are all good rules. I feel like I need to make myself a rules sheet for daily life. ;)