Thursday, September 01, 2011

Resources For Unemployment: Food and Healthcare

So I won't be without healthcare while I am unemployed. I intend to sign up for the NP Care program, a low cost clinic run by the ASU College of Nursing for the uninsured.

And then there is the food co-op Bountiful Baskets.

I had heard of them before, but when I saw Poor Girl, Rich Food's latest basket, my interest was reawakened. And the pickup is at a park about a mile from where I live, and on Saturday morning. It's kismet. It's like a CSA in that the food is random and regional, but it's only $16.50 ($26.50 for the organic baskets). There are also other add-ons you can order, such as a box of oranges, bread, granola or the tropical box.

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