Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You can own the entire run of Law & Order for $700. No, I am not that crazy.

Miss Minimalist wrote this great piece on decluttering your fantasy self. As someone who found decluttering the items associated with her desired self as a vintage-wearing, clothes sewing, book expert, I can attest that that's some of the hardest work to do to come to acceptance of yourself.

Sloane Crosley wrote this great piece about some wonderful antique jewelry she owns, complete with pictures. However, what gives the story depth is not that it's an inheritance from her grandmother, but that her grandmother was a caustic bitch.

Look at this estate jewelry. I don't know what makes me swoon more, the Cupid's arrow earrings or the tiger claws.

How to make a dowager countess hat. Best crafts project ever, as it starts with something you could buy at the dollar store and pays homage to Maggie Smith's character on Downton Abbey. Which you should totally watch.

I know I linked to this before in an attack of bad taste, but play with the Mad Men avatars.

Willow the Cat shows up in Manhattan 5 years after disappearing from Colorado. Didn't you just cry when you saw this story? And resolve to chip your pets just in case?

Who are the character actors you'll watch in the most esoteric scenes you can find on Netflix?

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Anonymous said...

Love the estate jewelry! The arrow earrings are incredible; my favorites are the Art Deco ring and the Maupoussin opal pendant. Fun to think of in context of Crosley's essay--have you read any of her books? I found the first one enjoyable.