Thursday, October 06, 2011

Up To No Good

Since I have been wearing RED lipstick in many hues, I paid $125 for a dental cleaning. I may have to break my Target ban to go over and purchase some deluxe whitening toothpaste.

It seems like I will be getting unemployment--I haven't gotten a payment yet due to the vacation payout, but I have been filing weekly claims and the woman who called to ask me questions said I almost certainly would be able to collect.

I wish someone was watching The Good Wife (season 2, just released on DVD) with me. We could discuss Eli Gold and his teenage nemesis Becca, whether Kalinda's superpowers stem from her boots or are due to the fact she's probably Canadian, Blake Calamari, why Diane Lockhart (and Christine Baranski) could mop the floor with Zooey Deschanel* in both her fictional and real-life personalities and why we would watch that, and the double and triple crossing going on in order to solidify control of the firm. It's really one of the best shows ever, all.

I gave up Coke a week ago.

If you paint your nails navy blue, it makes your hands look thinner and your fingers longer.

I am dogsitting out in Apache Junction for the next week. I shall take pictures of the mountains, but I should also come up with some ideas of things to do out that way. Trouble is, there is not much to do out that way, huh huh. Except hike. I also need some projects for here in town.

*I just finished watching two episodes of The New Girl, and my, does it suck.

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