Sunday, November 06, 2011


Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures In Depression. This is a great comic showing the depressive slide.

The Best Time I Met Vincent D'Onofrio. D'Onofrio is one of those actors I love to watch in all sorts of crap because he is always good. Especially in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Young Mormons Find Ways To Be Hip. Okay, I have a lot of opinions on this. First off, LDS is a cult in my opinion, no two ways about it.

Second, you're so wild to be hip and get a tattoo, but it has to be a Mormon themed tattoo to pass muster? It's either okay or not to have one according to scripture. And a beehive? Why not Joseph Smith on one forearm and Brigham Young on the other? Or a backpiece of the United States showing the way to Deseret Territory?

And third, "hip" is just such a ridiculous concept. True individuality, creativity, intelligence, charm, integrity, your whole sack of virtues and faults--that's not signaled by your beard or skinny jeans or vintage dress. If you like those things, fine, but to adopt them as a signifier just shows that you don't know yourself.

For another take on this, see All that Authenticity May Be Getting Old.

And I'm happy that Elna Baker has left the church--I read her memoir when it came out, and it was a frustrating read because she's lively, smart and fun but didn't fit in with the other Mormons, and the imposed viewpoint really stifled her critical thinking skills and seemed to lead to more unhappiness and trouble for her.

There's an app called Puppy Time! It sends pictures of puppies to your phone, and there's a kitty version coming out soon. I guess that's a great way to spend 99 cents if I Can Has Cheezburger and its associated sites are not enough for you.

The haunted dollhouse. Jenny Lawson has spent 10 years on it, it's amazing and not finished yet.

Louis vs Rick. A cat IMs his owner. Hilarity ensues.

An awesome character study of an offbeat Brooklyn undertaker.

A must for feminists--an oral history of the founding of Ms.

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Anne At Large said...

That Hyperbole and a Half was interesting, yet funny, yet saddening. Now I feel bad for laughing.

However, that Too Much Authenticity article annoyed the crap out of me. So West Elm is bad for featuring independent artisans? I know it is no longer trendy to have your whole house look Etsyfied and homemade but still, I think anything that gets the word out on more independent artisans is a good thing. I'm not going to buy it ALL and fill my house with it, but that doesn't make it bad. You can OD on any style, I'm glad these guys are getting the press.