Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Think Too Much

This weekend is the Arizona Cacophony Society's Epic Superhero Battle. (It's after the Pie Social) I was thinking about going, which lead to thoughts of participation, which lead to the question of costume.

I decided on the costume of Aunt, because that could either be a hero or villain. On the hero side, I could make encouraging remarks and give hugs. If playing for the villains, I could make cutting remarks and maybe throw stuffed cats at participants. That's because I am totally headed for crazy, catlady spinster auntieness myself. (Maybe there should be a society, like those Red Hat Ladies, where we can all go for tea at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and prepare ourselves for middle and old age.)

Then, since this costume would undoubtedly require my wearing my Aunt Mary Jane's sweater, I thought I should be very Aunt Mary Jane-ish. But what would Mary Jane's weapon be, minicakes of Dove soap? I will say that she and Grandma Jane really did have great skin. Then I thought I could do a play on words and get some rolling papers and oregano and make fake joints to hand out.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Do any sisters or cousins reading this have feedback?


tracyh said...

I was going to say that it is better to be really obvious what you are when you dress up for something but I looked at the web page and I think you will be ok.

Anne At Large said...

I love the Aunt Mary Jane idea and I think the fake joints would be hilarious.

Although, isn't crazy, catlady spinster auntiness the whole point of the Red Hat Ladies? I would think they would totally go for tea at the Biltmore. Hell, I kind of want tea at the Biltmore now.

Moi said...

Superhero battles and pie socials? The Arizona Cacophony Society seems to be everything I hope ours will become! Kerry x