Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Sum Of My Week

I woke up at 2:30am today to the realization that my fridge was broken. Thankfully the compressor was still working for the freezer, so I didn't lose my stash of meat. However, I did lose a lot out of the fridge section as it has been dying over the past day or two. Lovely.

Maintenance switched me out with a new one by noon, but I am going to have to tip them as the produce section may have contained remnants of lemons. Okay, it certainly did. I have admitted my tendency to keep a Katrina fridge before.

I have been increasing my enthusiasm for my job hunt by reading Ask A Manager this weekend. She gives solid advice on jobhunting, and even tackles wacky topics like what to do when your coworker is working as a prostitute on company premises and what to do with a coworker who pees himself daily. She has an e-book that I am tempted to purchase.

I shelved again on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the new Lydia Loveless CD on the racks. I had been planning to get that at some point, so hooray! I also took out Elvis Costello's Sacred, Profane, and Sugarcane.

I also did some Christmas shopping. I have credits on Buy With Me, which got transferred to Gilt, which means that Genevieve's baby girl is getting some cute clothes and a blue chicken rattle. Bruiser is getting the same rattle, although he isn't supposed to arrive until January. And I still have some credit left! My other ideas for chocolate lovers Peaches and Benjamin were these neat chocolate bars sourced from different cacao regions--available at Trader Joe's for $8. They will also get books or appropriate toys.

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