Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Have 58 Pounds Of Fruit On My Coffee Table

Oh Kerry, what have you done? I blame Bountiful Baskets and living in the West. And new hybridization techniques on the part of the apple industry.

So BB had 2 add-on items this week. Add-ons are items that you pay for in addition to your basket. I got a 20 pound box of citrus, with pomelos, clementines, minneolas, oranges, grapefruit, and some cara caras or blood oranges.

But they also had 38 pound boxes of a new apple called Junami. They are really good--they are supposed to be very juicy and resistant to browning, and they have a nice spicy taste, like cider. I gave some to my mom and Dusie, but I have so many apples.

Plus I ran into Lemon Lady today at the library, and we are going to get together on Wednesday and walk her dogs. I bet her tree is full. And, there were some pretty yellow Opal apples Dusie got a Safeway that I am lusting after.

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Fruit Maven said...

I'm jealous! I haven't gotten my hands on any Junami yet. Sigh.