Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost Without Identification

Where do you think my passport, birth certificate and social security card are? As a citizen of Arizona, where they can stop you at any time to question your citizenship, I should be carrying them on my person. Oh wait, I'm white.

I had these at least 3 and a half years ago when I got hired by the state and had to get an AZ driver's license, but since then I don't think I've needed them. I bet they are all together but the question is, where did I put them? I started going through boxes to sort through my papers in an attempt to find them. Ugh. I found my college and grad school transcripts, my high school and grad school diplomas, yearbooks (which I really want to get rid of) and all sorts of papers related to the house and my accident. I finally just grouped everything into 4 piles: photos, cards to keep, school and financial. Yes, I'll have to go through all the financial papers again and sort, shred and file them, but not today.

On the plus side I found my collection of good papers that I wrote for grad school. On the minus side, the box they were in got wet and there's a great big blotch on each page.

I also found a photo of Genevieve and her family from 2010 and a nice frame to put it in. But uggh, papers. My parents were also people who had filing issues--my mom kept our birth certificates on a special place at her desk, but everything else was piled on the desk in the room over the garage or the dining room table. My parents would fight about missing documents. The kicker is that my mom is quite organized, it's just my father was not. Did I ever tell you that the impetus for his finally revealing the biploar diagnosis was that he came to the house and saw my dining room table spread out with piles and told me it was exactly like his desk at work? "Get the drugs, Kerry," he said.

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Cookbook said...

I'm a shitty filer too. I was just thinking on Friday about how I really ought to tackle the office. And then I didn't, so it's a project for next weekend, I guess.