Sunday, April 29, 2012

If It's Monday, It Is Time For Cat Links

Procatinator Cat gifs on a loop paired with random songs. I can't explain my fascination for this other than there is so much catchy music in the world that I have not heard. "Mooove bitch get out the way get out the way bitch....(something about child support)..."

Non-Stop Nyan Cat. How can I explain this? I can't because I still don't understand the Nyan Cat meme. But watching an animated nyan cat with an obnoxious tune makes me want to dance around the coffee table. And it will make you dance too. Or do jumping jacks.

French cat videos. Maybe all cats are secretly speaking French.

And from New Orleans, where the bars host cats Or at least one cat who is just all around the French Quarter. Handsome devil.

By adopting two rescue cats and wearing a sweatshirt with a cat on it—albeit ironically—you have activated the powerful birth-control system that is Catrecil. But will I have to tell my boss that Catrecil is my contraceptive of choice here in AZ? What if Catrecil goes against my employer's religious convictions?

Even in the 1870s, people loved cute kitties with witty captions.

The actor is handsome, the kitten adorable, but the margarita recipe is disgusting. I won't buy the tequila, but I do now want to adopt a kitten. Advertising fail?

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Anne At Large said...

The funny ad is mostly ruined by that revolting recipe. Too bad.

Also, I love the old-timey kitties although the wittiness of some of the captions is definitely questionable.