Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scoring Factory Washout

Okay, true confession time: I haven't been working the past two weeks. I washed out at the scoring factory floor after 1 week.

Not for the lack of trying! I just couldn't keep my scoring accuracy statistics up. These are the metrics that ensure that the responses are being scored accurately. Basically, two readers read the same response, and if their scores differ it gets referred to a third reader who decides which is closer. What I liken it to is the great Cassie Edwards plagiarism scandal. When you read a lot of shitty writing, it all starts to run together and it gets hard to tell what level of shittiness it is.

Working is good for teenagers because it encourages independence, responsibility and they can make money. Actually, the responses were really depressing with the overwhelming focus on consumerism, the fact that no one knows anything about saving for retirement (Roth IRA for the win!) and no one can explain exactly what responsibility or independence is. The ones that really made me clutch my brow are the ones that praised teenagers as a great pool of workers for business owners because they will work for cheap and are eager to be exploited.

However, good news though: I have a job interview on Wednesday for a part time position over at Scottsdale PL. It's just shelving, and only 19 hours a week, but it would be something. And it would be back in the public library world, which I really enjoy. And when I dropped by my branch library on Thursday, they rold me that they

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