Monday, April 16, 2012

It's The Plum!

I took these pictures when my nephew was about 2 weeks old, and he has only increased in adorableness! Increased is right, because at 11 weeks he weighs about 13 pounds, which is about half of his sister's weight at 2.5 years. My sister is not looking forward to the day he is bigger than Peaches and gets to go on rides by himself, when Peaches doesn't even clear the minimum height level.

He wears 6-12 month clothes. He is HUGE. Dusie is totally stoked to have a tall kid. I don't know if he'll manage that--when we take him out in the sun his hair seems kind of auburn like hers, which would indicate he might have the tiny Irish genes. But who knows? That's the fun of little kids and the DNA mixing science project.

He is just the nicest, sweetest baby! And so patient!

The Plum's talents include smiling, laughing, waving his arms wildly, and thumbsucking. He is interested in his feet. If I hold him on my lap, he tries to climb Mount Aunt Kerry.

Also, he is interested in books. Last week I was over at the house and reading to Peaches. She said, "No, Plum doesn't get to read!" so I put him on the blanket next to us, and he was picking up his head and trying to peer over my thigh in order to look at the pictures in the book.

Such a sweetheart.

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