Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exciting Links To Read

I Found My Biological Parents, And Wish I Hadn't

I am a big fan of Lisa Lutz, and find her confession of distance towards her families interesting, seeing as her greatest success has come from a series of novels (The Spellman Files) about a family that is entirely too far up into each others' business sometimes.

Her Magic Touch by Sable Hunter

So over at Dear Author, they have a guest reviewer who has found a series of the worst self-published erotic romance novels of all times and is reading them and having her head explode. The misogyny. Tebow Ranch. Ridiculous tropes and scary cliches. The only reason to read is to write stunning critiques, and the only reason to read the reviews is to laugh your ass off.

All my friends/family with children, why are your children not old enough for this? Penguin Threads, which is a line of Penguin Classics with beautiful embroidery-inspired cover, would make a great gift. Oh well, these classics adapted for board books might have to do.

Meanwhile, The Billfold's Logan Sachon realized buying things for babies is kid of dumb.
. The auntie who has started to bring her little kin their tribute in the form of library books agrees.

Miranda's Kittens--John set up a webcam to show off his foster kittens, and now they are INTERNET STARS. Maybe Peaches would like to watch this, but I think she feels cuddling kittens is better.

McSweeney's Internet Failure Map.. I am about 2/3rds there! Wherever that is!

The Billfold takes on the risk of saving no money with backyard chickens And not just that, but now you have to find humane homes for retired chickens? Ugh, people--if you can home farm Novella Carpenter style, don't do it at all.

Look! A recipe for DIY Biore strips!

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