Tuesday, June 05, 2012

It's A Fine Day When You Can Buy A Large Gemsbok for Less Than A Small Gemsbok

Or at least the paper mache head of a gemsbok.

I would prefer the stag head though. And I would like it even more of they were not all white as that wouldn't show up so well against renter's walls. But perhaps you can personalize them with some paint. Decoupage?

Back in 1999, my father's family had an excellent family reunion at a private property up in Port Jarvis, NY. This property was really interesting--totally beautiful, very rural, with a main guest services house with a small staff, and other houses on the property that were owned by individual families and rented out to others. This was all arranged by Cousin Norrie, who had some sort of connection to people who were part-owners of the property. My cousins were all staying at this fabulous place that dated from about 1920 that had been selectively modernized--it had running water and a modern kitchen, but the baths were all clawfooted and original fixtures, and it had beautiful, original wood paneling. And every damn corner, wall, and ledge in the place was adorned by a hunting trophy. We are talking at least 100 stuffed animals in a 1500 square foot house--mountain goats, bighorn sheep, tiger, bear, wildebeast, elk. It was the most awesomely, creepy vacation house ever.

Gemsbok are a variety of antelope, by the way. Had to use the Wikipedia for that.

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