Monday, July 02, 2012

It's Cherry Season Again!

And they are $1.27 a pound at Sprouts through Wednesday.

Once again, I baked Smitten Kitchen's Cherry Cornmeal Upside Down Cake. I'm taking it to lunch at my mom's house. I really love this cake. An Oxo cherry pitter makes pitting 3 cups of cherries a snap, and the only tricky part is doing a quick wash of the bowl in order to use the mixer to whip the egg whites. It's a deceptively simple cake that tastes very sophisticated. Great with tea.

Cooking Light had a great feature on cherries this month. I've got a batch of the bourbon cherries in the fridge at the moment; next Saturday I'll break out the gingerale and make fancy, fruity cocktails. I used honey whiskey instead of the bourbon. Frankly, I think it has a bit of an aftertaste in most drinks and wanted to use it up. I think cherries improve almost everything. I will also be making a variation on the goat cheese, cherry and roasted pistachio salad featured in that issue. But first I have to purchase more cherries!

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