Sunday, July 01, 2012

My Befuddlement At American Politicians Continues

I was quite excited at the Supreme Court's affirmation of the constitutionality of The American Care Act. Woke up early to wait on the news, and listened to all the NPR coverage of the event. I think it's good legislation and it goes far, but not in the way I'd like. But it means good things for me when it fully takes effect in a few years.

But my god, what is up with governors not realizing that the federal government trumps the state? And that idiot Bobby Jindal ranting about how his state won't do anything and instead wait for the election of Romney?

Do they not realize that that's why the Civil War was fought, and what the founding fathers laid out in their much vaunted plan for the holy and exalted United States of America?

Because Texas has not seceded yet, and if it did it wouldn't absorb your Louisiana ass.

And the best reaction yet is that Chief Justice John Roberts must have had a seizure or a bad reaction to his epilepsy drugs.

Not that, you know, he's read the Constitution and the law. And that it's been several months since the Court's hearing the arguments, and he's had plenty of time to consider the issues fully. Or that maybe his own brush with a serious, chronic and expensive health condition might have given him the ability to have empathy for others and realize there's a need for healthcare reform and that no matter what his personal ideological feelings, the government had constructed a plan that didn't violate the Constitution.

That's an insult of epic proportions, one that's usually only directed towards women. Us ladies with our emotions and fuzzy brains! Oh noes!

I would like to clarify something though that's really irked me every time I hear this inaccuracy. This legislation doesn't have anything directly to do with healthcare--it's about health insurance, easier ways to access it, uncoupling it from employment status, and regulation of the business so that consumers aren't discriminated against, particularly women and those who already have health issues. It helps people, but it doesn't eradicate issues like your preferred doctor not taking your insurance, no specialists in your area, and the cost of procedures. I'd have preferred single payer, but I'll take what I can get in this whacked out country. And this uproar amongst Republicans about how it's unconstitutional and government overreach only shows that they don't give a rat's ass about the American citizens they claim to serve and that they'd rather we suffer under the currently broken system that benefit big business.

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