Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 2012 Birchbox Review

My last Birchbox post got a ton of hits! Thanks for reading! Please comment and tell me what you got in yours.

The theme was 5 Senses. I thought it was another great selection and worth the $10. Sorry there's no pictures; I can't find my camera cord.

Hearing: Earbuds! Cookbook said hers were tinny, but I don't care. My earbuds get clogged with gunk and then die, and I feel too cranky and resentful to buy another set and limp around for a while with the volume cranked up and then worry about losing my hearing.

Taste: Uber LaraBar in the Bananas Foster flavor. I give LaraBars the side eye because they are just chopped dried fruits and nuts smushed together. And the dried fruit is chopped dates, which are a little icky eaten straight. I think they are much better in a salad with goat cheese or wrapped up in BACON. Do you know what I ate for breakfast when I was working? 1/4 cup dried fruit, usually dried cherries and 1 oz almonds. It's a lot cheaper than a LaraBar, and tastier. You can make it yourself and put it in a plastic baggie, and that baggie is less prone to getting smushed.

Smell: A sample of Harvey Prince Hello. I like it! It's more floral than citrusy, but the floral bouquet included plumeria, which I like. My sister Dusie has a collection of plumeria. They are beautiful and smell lovely, but the coddling those plants need!

Sight: Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Olive. Reaching there, no? I haven't used this yet but I will be tossing the other two eyeliners I use soon due to age. Olive should amplify my green eyes, no?

Touch: Again, a reach. I guess amika Nourishing Hair Mask and Oil Treatment will give me soft, touchable hair? Whatever.

I also got a sample of Boscia B.B. cream. I've wanted to try BB cream for a while--it's a foundation, it's a moisturizer, it has SPF! It's the Superman of beauty supplies.

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