Monday, August 13, 2012

Links That Make You Think

When I'm ignoring the blog, I'm reading other things. Or applying for jobs, or playing "camping" or getting bit by a baby. If you need to kill some time, check these out.

I've broken them out into themes.

Workplaces Are Crazy Places And It's A Wonder Any Work Gets Done

I'm a huge fan of Ask A Manager, and this question was one of the most clusterfucky best she's run. My former coworker wants my company to sponsor her party. THe fact that said party is also a potluck is only the crust of the creme brulee of bad idea and dysfunction.

Every fall, I buy The Oxford American's Southern Music issue, which comes with a CD. They are uniformly excellent. I've had subscriptions to the magazine in the past, but it doesn't quite do it for me. New came out last week that editor and founder of the OA has been fired in a sexual harassment scandal. And! He and his girlfriend have taken to the internets and published a 53 page rebuttal and defense of themselves. Man, the crazy is thick with those two. This is the quintessential example of trying to over-convince people you're innocent and just digging the hole deeper. It also reminds me of why I stopped reading OA, which is that my attention span is not deep enough to keep up with blah blah blah.

Women, And Their Concerns

I've mentioned my fondness for suffragette Valentines, but here are examples of anti-suffragette postcards.

It's the centennial of the introduction of deodorant and this is a great article on How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad. The person who started the first deodorant company? A teenage girl. This is a really interesting study of the creation of personal paranoia about smell, appearance, being enough. By the way, The Hairpin's Ask A Clean Person has been obsessed with armpits and their smells and stains for the last month anf has brought up discussions of slips, dress shields and keeping cool.

The fabulous Caitlin Moran has written a book called How To Be A Woman that's getting a lot of press here int he US. She's hilarious on Twitter, and in the linked interview, and as I am 26th of 43 on the library list I will be reading her book in about December. Book club?

Would you buy a car from an expatriate gynecologist? I'm just curious.


This article is a fascinating look at The Cheesecake Factory and what the medicine can learn from how they do things, leading to improvements in medical care.

New problems in organ transplantation: donors are too fat. I have misgivings about transplants in general, but am I imagining the tone of "people, don't you know you have to be an acceptable donor for other people who need your organs more and are more deserving of them than your fat ass" in this piece?

There's a fascinating book just out about the history of rabies. Warning, reading that interview with the authors will make you wonder about what happened with the girl who got bit by a bat in church several years ago and was the first person to survive rabies. Hooray, Jeanna Geise graduated college, speaks about rabies and sticks up for bats, and has few residual effects after her serious illness and lengthy recuperation.

Things That Scare Me

This profile of the family cabins at the Neshoba County(MS) Fair is both heartwarming (I can imagine a children's book based on it) but horror inducing. 40 relatives in 1 cabin? Fight, fight, fight! Also the snoring, can you imagine the snoring?

For-profit education, the way the industry preys on potential students and the ridiculous cost and poor results are outlined in this great article from the Free Times. Seriously, aside from the community college system and ASU, the only schools in this area are the for-profits. It's truly weird and reflective of how little investment AZ wants to make in its citizens.

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