Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birchbox Review: August 2012

This month's selection I would rate B-. It's okay, but only one thing wowed me. However, it's seldom that I have such fun with the ridiculousness of beauty marketing!

Caldrea Hand Soap--The sample I got is marked No. 14 Basil Blue Sage. The basil adds a nice spicy note, it lathers nicely, and I can see this being a nice small but expensive gift for someone who likes fancy soap as a gift.

per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel--So what is this product, which the packaging promises "glides on effortlessly to prime, darken, lengthen, strengthen, and prime" lashes? Who needs this sort of product? Is it medicinal or cosmetic? Is it like that lash stuff that accidentally turns your eyes brown?


It's also in a color called "flash." That's black, in non-beauty copywriter parlance. It's also a teeny sample.

DDF Brightening Cleanser--I hope this stuff works miracles, because I need one. August in Phoenix is hell on the skin. This 2 oz sample is one I am looking forward to doing a thorough test of.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur---You know, it just smells like generic floral stuff to me. But what do I know? My cologne of choice is 4711, which my dad wore.

Birchbox also threw in a Schick Hydro Silk razor, which I'll use because I'm not picky about my razors and blame my own lack of care and initiative on why my legs are hairy.

Anyway, due to personal budgetary cutbacks I cancelled my Birchbox subscription. I really like the concept, the price point is good, but I just can't shell out for it any more.

And this is minor, but the brown cardboard boxes the samples come in are great for storing little girl treasures and (or grown girl treasures) and turning into crafts, like little Blessed Virgin shrines.


Anne At Large said...

Ok now I feel better, I keep being tempted by your Birchbox roundups but when the most exciting thing in it is a bar of soap I will go smell it at the soap store and not bother with the rest. The idea is so seductive, all these exotic little samples of fancy things you'd never normally get. But I guess I'd never normally get them for a reason.

I am totally disturbed by that mascara description, but also highly intrigued by the 4711, which I have never heard of. Thanks for the roundup, I live my cosmetics-purchasing life vicariously through you!

Kerry said...

4711 is wonderful--it's hard to find, but really delicious in a gender-neutral way. I splashed some under my arms last week and got excited every time I caught a whiff.