Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Good Things In My World

My blood pressure was 122/70 at my pre-employment physical at the hospital. My pulse was 76. These are AMAZING numbers for me. Hmmm, do you think that maybe medicating my anxiety has helped? I think so! God bless you, makers of generic Zoloft!

I bought the last cherries of the season this week, and paid an exorbitant price for them. But they were so, so good--perfectly firm and black, and juicy. They were the best cherries I had all summer.

I had my annual date yesterday, with a fellow I met on public transportation who is both gainfully employed, a part-time student, and not schizophrenic or an ex-Bosnian military man. It was quite a pleasant time, and I shall do something with him again.

Lance Armstrong gave up his fight against the anti-doping charges (I have never been a Lance Armstrong fan.)

Neko Case and Carl Newman wrote a song about the black footed ferrets! "Welcome home black feet, come up from underneath, put some Al Green on the stereo! The air smells clear, you are the new pioneers of the Kansas prairie-o!"

"Quadrophenia" has been rereleased, and it is showing the first weekend of September at the ever-stylin' FilmBar. I plan to go see it; anyone else local going?

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lsaspacey said...

Hey, how do I get an annual date? I pretty much just get an annual "meet and talk to a cute, decent guy once a year" thing. If I could somehow be guaranteed an annual date I could be content the rest of the year.

BTW, are you still in touch with Dr. Wende? I really miss her voice on the web.