Monday, October 01, 2012

I Made New Recipes

One of my ongoing issues with being a single worker and homemaker is preparing meals and managing to take food to work. After 15 years in the workforce, I still suck at this.

However, I recently made an excellent lunch that traveled well and sustained me throughout my afternoon. It was a takeoff of this recipe for Black Bean Smothered Sweet Potatoes. What I did was bake 2 sweet potatoes, then take a bag of Target Mexican mix frozen vegetables, and cook them with the cumin and coriander in the linked recipe. The vegetable mix has black beans, corn, onion, and green peppers. I added that to the sweet potatoes, topped it with some Trade Joe's roasted tomato salsa and sour cream. So good!

Bountiful Baskets is back at my neighborhood pickup location, and 3 weeks ago they had leeks. Which was great, because I refused to purchase them at Sprouts due to cost-effectiveness. And I even got EXTRA leeks because I volunteered. I made this Chicken with creamy Braised Leeks. Unfortunately, it was not a keeper. But Cookbook, there's very little dairy in it and it could be Paleo?

This week I will be super busy with the opening, so I cooked or cut up up everything that was still edible in my fridge. I'll be eating a ton of Spicy Roasted Golden Beets. My sister is big on just roasting beets, which is good and all, but after a while their beetness drains. Yes, they are delicious, but after about half a cup the texture and taste bugs. I liked the idea of doing more to them, especially since I did not have tender young beets but larger ones and (confessional tone) they'd spent at least 2 weeks in my fridge. I will pair them with a Costco chicken and some rice pilaf for at least 3 meals. Then I might make chicken salad with my celery from BB, and figure out some more things to do with leftovers. I always save the chicken carcass for soup too.

What have you eaten lately that's good?


Anne At Large said...

If you get more leeks I love this soup, I took it to work twice last week before the heat wave. I am cheap so I make it with chicken thighs instead of the beef and it is still quite tasty.

And I love beets but I like to slice them thin and roast them until they are crispy - solves the texture issue and works well with the bigger beets.

Lauralynne said...

I just made Stuffed Pepper Soup and it was really good. Enough leftovers for lunches without being overwhelming in that regard ( six serving recipes=good, ten serving recipes=rotting food or a freezer full of forgotten remnants).

Also, I really like grain salads (rice or quinoa being my two favorite grains) and make those up with whatever vegetables I have still lingering from our farm bag. We are still getting corn and tomatoes in our bag, plus my garden is making peppers like crazy so those salads have a southwest feel lately.

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