Friday, October 26, 2012

Political Animals And Other Topics Of Interest

I actually had something related to politics happen at work this week, but I'll save that story for later this week. However, a lot of political stuff has tickled me this week.

1. Courtesy of Dangerous Minds. I was completely tickled by this video.

Sing along, won't you?

2. So earlier this month I got a mailer from Brian Kaufman, who calls himself "The Independent Voice for Phoenix and Scottsdale." Which is bullshit--he's a Republican candidate for State Senate. But what caught my eye was the fact that unlike other candidates, who seem to be required to show themselves with evidence of their loving heterosexual marriage and 2.5 children (such as when Ben Quayle sent out a mailer in 2010 featuring himself and his nieces,) Kaufman's candidate photo shows him with his two dogs. POODLES. You can see it here.

Cute dogs.

3. One of my ongoing issues with politics in this country is that there is so much mealy mouthed politeness amongst its politicians. That's why this video of Australia's Prime Minister attacking the leader of the opposition for his history of of misogynistic and sexist comments and behavior is so great.

A little background: The Prime Minister is Julia Gillard. The fellow from her party, Peter Slipper, sent gross text messages to someone. David Abbott is the leader of the opposite party, and he wants Slipper out and for his party to have the advantage. So he made a motion to censor Slipper and also some sort of feel-good "Sexism is WRONG!" motion. And then Gillard hits him with the evidence.

It's 15 minutes long, but it is SO GOOD and worth a watch. Seriously, would this ever happen in the US? Oh, and I love an australian accent.

This piece provides an outline of all the high points. Even if the PM was mostly making the speech to defend the person from her own party and keep her razor-thin margin of

The New Yorker even weighs in on what Obama could learn from the Speech.

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